Hi, My name is Kiril, I’m OSCP / System & Network Administrator / Ethical Hacker / Bug Bounty Hunter / HackTheBox fan




Couple of key things about me:

Born in 1987 ever since I was able to walk and say things other than Gu,gu,Ga,ga I was constanly fooling around with computers.
How long ago was that you may ask … remember this beautie
Source: https://pravetz.bg/history  
How about this bad boy  
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floppy_disk#/  
The staggering ~240kb was enough to load games from and keep me clacking on the poor keyboard for hours.  
Years got by and by the time I was ~11-13 y/old I was full-on computer junkie, proudly gaming and clacking on a custom build PC equipped with the pinnacle of early graphics acceleration 3dfx Voodoo 3 GPU.
I can not count how many times I broke the poor Windows 98 installation on that PC, but hey you broke stuff -> you fix them … best way to learn.
Moving the time machine forward I got my first serious job at the age of 19 as a service technician in a small company selling and servicing cash registers, computers, and POS equipment.
There I fully implemented the fixing part that I learned from my endeavors with Operating Systems, software and hardware. TBH this was sort of golden age for me furthering my skills and character.

But hey this Blog is titled “Kiril’s Security Blog” … where is the security part?

Starting ~2014-2015 I got to try some CTFs for the first time. By then I knew some basics of security and knew things or two about common vulnerabilities, but man how hooked I was after my first NT/Authority.
Ever since that glorious day, my main focus and most of my time got into furthering my skills and techniques and progressing into the field.
I was particularly proud when in December 2019 I officially got the Offensive Security Certified Profesional certificate.
You can watch that nervewracking 24 hours in the video below :)


So what can I do here?

In the following months, I will do my best to consolidate many tips, commands, techniques, scripts and writeups that you the reader may find useful and interesting.
If you have any suggestions or comments contact me on